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At Speedy Glass®, our exclusive glass products are of the highest quality, from certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), in accordance with various FMVSS or ANSI Z26.1. standards and approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Although we always first try to repair any damage to your windshield, sometimes the damage will mean that the entire glass has to be replaced. Our certified technicians are trained to replace auto glass which has been chipped, cracked, scratched or broken.

Take a look at our short presentation below to see how Speedy Glass® replaces a car's damaged windshield with one as good as the original.

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What are the steps when dealing with a windshield replacement?

Step 1: Vehicle preparation for which the glass is broken

Before we replace the windshield, we ensure that we protect your vehicle’s bodywork and interior by covering these areas.


Step 2: Removal of cracked, chipped, scratched or broken window 

Next, we cut and remove the seals or glue holding the windshield in place and remove it from the vehicle.


Step 3: New windshield preparation

We then apply a primer to the vehicle’s framework and allow it to dry, before applying a special bonding glue to the windshield to ensure a strong and proper fit is achieved.


Step 4: New windshield installation

The new windshield is then carefully fitted into the vehicle and any original fittings that were removed are replaced. The glue needs at least 60 minutes to set and we normally recommend that the vehicle is not driven away until after this time.


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