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Camera calibration

Technician performing a static camera calibration in a Speedy Glass centre.

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Did you know that Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have the potential to prevent up to 28% of deaths involving passenger vehicles?1 Among others, a well-calibrated camera is key for your vehicle to interact safely with the road environment.

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When you replace your windshield, calibrate your camera

  • Speedy Glass technician performing a dynamic camera calibration on the road.

When you replace your windshield, calibrate your camera

Whenever a windshield is replaced, the camera must be calibrated according to the manufacturer’s standards. This is essential for both your safety and the safety of everyone sharing the road.

Now that ADAS are more widespread, most Canadian insurers cover camera calibration costs along with windshield replacement claims.

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3 types of camera calibration

  • Static calibration

    A static calibration is performed at a Speedy Glass® service centre using fixed devices installed around the vehicle and aligned to targets via lasers while the vehicle is parked, according to manufacturer's standards. The targets’ distance, height, pitch and angle are carefully adjusted, while the level of gas tank, tire pressure and trunk load of the vehicle are also verified.

  • Dynamic calibration

    A dynamic calibration involves driving the vehicle on the roadways using special diagnostic handheld computer equipment which the technician can monitor in real time. This requires suitable road conditions, clearly visible lane markings and an absence of direct sunlight.

  • Universal calibration

    A universal calibration combines both static and dynamic calibrations. Both calibrations must be completed within a prescribed timeframe, which can vary from one manufacturer to another. This entire process may take up to a few hours to complete.

Speedy Glass®: a qualified ally for your camera calibration

  • Speedy Glass has invested to prepare and equip its centres for camera calibration following a windshield replacement.

Speedy Glass®: a qualified ally for your camera calibration

Each calibration is unique. In fact, vehicle manufacturers set different calibration requirements and parameters for each vehicle. Optimally trained and qualified technicians are a must for this important task.

In order to keep offering a high quality service, Speedy Glass® has invested to prepare and equip its service centres throughout Canada to be able to calibrate cameras following a windshield replacement.

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Did you know?


Nowadays, we find ADAS in most vehicle makes and models, even the economic ones. As we approach 2020, one out of five vehicles will be equipped with those driver assistance systems. Industry experts foresee that fully autonomous vehicles will hit the road by 2030.


The front camera located behind the rear-view mirror in a growing number of vehicles is one of the primary parts that supports key driver assistance systems features.

Currently, more than 70% of Canadian drivers are still unaware that the ADAS front camera must be calibrated when a windshield is replaced.2

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