All accessories

  • Essentials Windscreen wipers

    Windshield wipers

    Keep the most essential tool for clearing your windshield as durable and efficient as possible. 

  • Essentials Cabin air filter

    Cabin air filter

    Remove allergens and dust from your vehicle to give yourself the most breathable air quality possible. 

  • Ontario only TAG vehicle tracking

    TAG tracking

    Protect your vehicle from theft with an unparalleled prevention, tracking, and electronic identification system. 

  •  Vehicle under the snow

    Remote car starter

    Start your car from afar — we’ll help you find the right one to fit your needs.

  • Trailer_hitches

    Trailer hitches

    Haul whatever items you need with the right towing capacity and safe installation. 

  • bike rack in the back of a car

    Bike racks

    Safely attach your bike to your vehicle for your next big outdoor adventure. 

  • Tonneau_cover

    Tonneau cover

    Shield the valuables you keep in your truck’s cargo bed from possible theft and from the elements. 

  • Deflectors


    Guard your vehicle’s paint and body from projectile objects in a way that’s sleek and aerodynamic. 

  • Truck Bed Liners

    Trucks bed liners

    Get two advantages in one: A slip-proof surface that keeps your loads in place and can prevent corrosion to your truck’s paint. 

  • Side_bars

    Side bars

    Step into your vehicle with anti-slip, corrosion-proof stainless steel assistive bars. 

  • Car Floorliners

    Car floor mats

    Put down protection on your vehicle’s floors to keep them protected and keep your clothes and shoes dry. 

  •  Car mirrors

    Mirrors and covers

    Replace your side-view mirrors or headlight covers in the event of damage. 

  • Tinted Windows

    Tinted windows

    Block out UV rays and protect yourself from broken glass in case of an accident. 

  • In-store Glass Services

    In-store Glass Services

    Bring Speedy Glass into your home too, with products that are custom-cut and finished according to your specifications.