Glass Damage


Damaged auto glass? We’ve got the right fix for you!

No matter the extent of work needed, or your vehicle model, or the type of auto glass affected, our certified experts can handle any scenario you bring in.

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What sets our service apart?

You and your vehicle deserve Speedy Glass. Here are the three main benefits we deliver to ensure you get the best customer experience and to earn your trust. 

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Easy quoting

Getting a cost estimate is as easy as clicking the button at the end of this section to get your quote! As well, if your insurance policy covers glass damage, we’ll save you time and hassle by handling your insurance claim directly with your insurer.

Efficiency with your time

We offer flexible booking for all appointments as well as stress-free windshield replacement service, and solid repairs in 60 minutes.

Guaranteed work

For as long as you own your vehicle, the repair and replacement work you receive from our expert technicians comes with a lifetime warranty1. Count on it.

What we do at Speedy Glass

A Speedy glass employee repairs a windshield

Windshield repair

Our certified experts can repair your windshield to its original strength in an hour. 

A man recalibrates a vehicle camera

Camera recalibration

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we will do the recalibration to ensure the camera functions as intended.

A Speedy glass employee repairs a windshield
A Speedy Glass employee replaces a windshield
A man recalibrates a vehicle camera
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Repair or Replace?

In less than 3 minutes get:

  1. Diagnostic of your damage
  2. Free quote, no obligation
  3. Easy appointment scheduling 

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to repair or replace my windshield?

Your windshield makes up nearly 30% of your vehicle’s structure. In other words, it plays a vital role in maintaining your vehicle's structural integrity in the event of a rollover or front-end collision. As well, it helps ensure your airbags deploy as intended to protect your passengers.

Never underestimate the role a properly fitted windshield can play in restoring your vehicle’s structural strength. Your safety can depend on it

What’s the threshold between repairing a damage and replacing the entire windshield?

If your windshield’s damage is smaller than the size of a loonie ($1 coin), not in the driver's line of vision, and at least 4 cm from the edge of the windshield, we can likely repair it.

If your windshield damage consists of more than 3 impact points or a crack larger than a loonie ($1), is in the driver's line of vision, or is less than 4 cm from the edge, we strongly recommend replacement.

In either case, you can schedule your appointment online or obtain a quote to have your glass damage fixed.

Will you install the same glass as the manufacturer?

In most cases, OEE windshield (Original Equipment Equivalent) is recommended by windshield repair service centres since it has the same quality standards as OE (Original Equipment) windshield, but usually cost less. 

Rest assured that our auto glass meets or exceeds all government, industry, and safety standards. All of our products and services undergo rigorous testing to ensure you receive the highest quality and state-of-the-art workmanship. If you have more questions, read our article about OEM and OEE windshields.

1Lifetime warranty against installation and manufacturing defects and leaks for as long as the vehicle is registered under your name. This warranty does not cover leakage due to deterioration of the vehicle’s bodywork or damage caused by vandalism, theft, natural disaster, unlawful activity or willful act.