OEM or OEE windshield? Understanding the difference

No one jumps out of joy to the idea of replacing their windshield.  However, a good understanding of the different options on the market is key to help you make an informed choice.

Before explaining the difference between the glass of a windshield, a slight review of the materials used to make the glass of your vehicle is quite important. The side and rear windows are made of tempered glass. More resistant than a standard glass, it will shatter down in smaller, less sharp pieces when broken. The windshield, however, is made of laminated glass, which means it is made up of two layers of glass held in place by PVB, a protective film that holds shattered glass in the event of an impact.

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The types of windshields

There are currently 3 types of windshield glass on the market: OE/OEM, OEE and After-Market.

OE/OEM is the acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is the glass from the vehicule manufacturer that provided the original windshield used for the car assembly in the factory. So, it is simply the same that came with the vehicle when it is first sold by a car dealership.

As to the OEE glasses (Original Equipment Equivalent), it includes the same quality standards as the OE/OEM windshields, the difference is, it will not be marked with the manufacturer’s logo. Like its name says, it is the same quality as the original. It is built by a certified manufacturer that works closely with vehicle manufacturers. It is not the same manufacturer that had to make the OE/OEM glass. OEE windshields are generally the preferred choice in auto glass repair shops.

Finally, the aftermarket glass. It is made by a glass manufacturer with no link or contract with the original manufacturer.

When you replace your windshield, shops will favour OEE glass to install on your vehicle. Some scenarios require us to use OE/OEM, like luxury cars and new vehicles models of which OEE glass may not have been manufactured yet.

In most cases, OEE will be the best choice for you and your vehicle. Since it has the same quality standards as the original manufacturer, it will be just about the same as with an OEM glass, but it will usually cost less.

You are still not sure which type of windshield glass your car needs ? Your service centre can help you!

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