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Remote car starter


  • Remote Car Starter


  • The right fit for your vehicle
    Let the Speedy Glass® experts guide you in choosing the right remote car starter for your needs. For a safe and faster remote starter installation, it is best that your vehicle allows for a wiring harness.
  • Range of the signal
    The choice of a remote car starter is different for every person and is highly dependent on one important factor—the range of the signal—which should reflect one’s needs and daily habits (work, home, etc.).
  • Traditional or modern? Why not both!
    Modern technology allows you to ignite your remote car starter from a smartphone, a remote or both for a wider coverage! Seeing as most of the starters we carry are equipped with two remotes, you can also choose to add more depending on your needs and how many people are using the vehicle.


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Our recommendation of Smart remote car starter

No matter how near or far, you can turn on your vehicle’s engine from your smartphone!1 Want to have a broader range than what the remote of your vehicle permits? Turn to the app to do so. Most Canadian cities’ coverage area is operational.

Starting at
$399.99 Installation included

  • Enables door lock/unlock control
  • Lifetime warranty2

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  • Remote Car Starter for Car in Winter


Plenty of customizable options tailored to your needs.

  • Door lock/unlock control
  • Trunk or hatchback lock/unlock control
  • De-icer activation
  • Panic button activation
  • Windshield wiper anti-obstruction activation
  • Alarm system activation
  • Option of installing a safety kit that includes an alarm system and audible alarm

Some of our products

  • Two-way remote CAR starter

    Signal range of up to 
    MORE THAN 5,000 feet

    Two-way remote car starter

    Starting at
    Installation included

    • Start confirmation signal
    • IncIudes 2 two-way remotes
    • Optional smartphone synchronization1
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
    • Lifetime warranty2
  • one-way remote CAR starter

    Signal range of up to 
    3,000 feet

    One-way remote car starter

    Starting at
    Installation included

    • IncIudes 2 remotes
    • Optional smartphone synchronization1
    • Lifetime warranty2
  • basic remote
    CAR starter

    Signal range based on vehicule model 

    Basic remote car starter

    Starting at
    Installation included

    • Works with the remote that came with your vehicle
    • Optional smartphone synchronization1
    • Lifetime warranty2

Did you know?

Making the right choice made easy!

Finding the right remote starter will come easily if you just think about when, where and how you would use it. See what your needs are and pick one with options and features that speak to you most.

Your remote car starter comes with a guarantee

At Speedy Glass®, our remote car starter models have a limited lifetime warranty, with the latter being in effect for as long as your vehicle is registered under your name. Even your remote’s batteries are covered by the limited lifetime warranty!3

Remote car starters cannot be installed on soft top or convertible vehicles with manual transmissions

Did you know that a convertible vehicle has a bigger risk of moving on its own if a gear is activated by accident and a remote starter is used? For these reasons, we choose safety and do not install remote starters in soft top or open-top vehicles.

1 Not compatible with certain vehicles.
2 For as long as you own your vehicle. Certain conditions apply.
3 Certain conditions apply.

Certain conditions apply. Limited quantities. Standard installation fees included. Additional features are extra, with prices varying according to the vehicle type and remote starter model selected. Limited lifetime warranty as long as you own your vehicle. Ask for details at a Speedy Glass® service centre. Offers may vary among participating service centres.