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Windshield repair

Windshield Repair


At Speedy Glass®, we believe that the best quality is achieved by taking the time to do the work well. Thanks to our 70-step windshield repair process, we are able to restore the glass to its former strength. By choosing us, your windshield is in good hands.


  1. It’s a time-saver
    Speedy Glass® experts take no more than one hour to repair any damage on your windshield.
  2. It could cost nothing!
    Repair is free of charge when you’re insured for glass damage; you don’t even have to pay a deductible!1
  3. Safety first
    Because your windshield accounts for 30% of your vehicle’s structural strength, it plays a crucial role in ensuring your safety.
  4. We repair before going any further
    We prefer repairing than replacing your windshield to regain its original strength.
  5. Stop even the slightest chip from becoming bigger
    Cracks start off as a chip in 90% of the cases. By getting it fixed sooner rather than later, you’ll increase our chances of being able to repair your windshield.
  6. Lifetime guaranteed work
    Our repairs are lifetime guaranteed2 for as long as you own your vehicle.
  7. The Speedy Glass® seal of excellence
    Following a tried and tested 70-step repair process, our trained and certified technicians can restore the glass to its original safety before the damage occurred.

Glass damage that can be fixed

  • Glass Damage Types - Speedy Glass

Glass damage that can be fixed

Your windshield is exposed to many risk factors: motion-related vibrations, temperature variations, road conditions and heat and cold, to name a few. It comes as no surprise that they can cause glass damage every now and then.

  • Bull's eye - glass damage

    Bull's eye

  • Bee's wing - glass damage

    Bee's wing

  • Star - glass damage


  • Half-moon - glass damage


  • Clover leaf - glass damage

    Clover leaf

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Speedy Glass ® is currently ranked:
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  • Elk,
    I experienced a fairly good sized stone chip at 1:00 pm. I went to Swift Current branch at 1:30 and Ryan did an excellent job on the chip cant even se... Read more
  • Cesar,
    Professional and excellent service of the staff. Good quality of products.
  • Naeem,
    Upon approach till the end handled me professionally with complete satisfaction.
  • Midnight,
    I have been going to the Heron Road Speedy location for year's and getting the aquapel window treatment. I had a stone chip in my windshield and ... Read more
  • Rob,
    I had my windshield replaced at the Speedy Glass on Hart Drive in Barrie. It was an excellent choice. Getting an estimate and booking the appointment ... Read more
  • Luke,
    I've been to this shop 6 times now. I'm always impressed.
  • Happy s.,
    I was able to book an appointment that suited my schedule. No hassle with insurance - just provided them my insurance information. I was given a time ... Read more
Windshield Repair and Replacement Expert - Speedy Glass
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Windshield Repair and Replacement Expert - Speedy Glass
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1 Certain exceptions apply. Consult your insurance provider.
2 Lifetime warranty against installation and manufacturing defects and leaks. This warranty does not cover leakage due to deterioration of the vehicle’s bodywork or damage caused by vandalism, theft, natural disaster, unlawful activity or willful act.
3 Certain exceptions apply. Varies with provincial legislation and insurance coverage. Consult your insurance provider.