Spring cleaning is just around the corner!

With the warm weather slowly arriving, your vehicle might be in a serious need for a thorough, inside and out, cleaning. We gathered a few pro-tips to ensure you give your car the best cleaning before the summer.

A person cleans the windshield

The outside

  1. Great and complete cleaning
    During the winter, your car gathered a lot of dirt and calcium from the roads. A good and thorough cleaning is needed, even under your car to get rid of all the residues. To make sure all that work is not wasted, apply a protective wax after to keep your car clean longer.
  2. Inspect your car’s windshield and windows

    Take a quick look at every glass on your car to see if you sustained any damage during the winter. Potholes and rocks on the road are more abundant with spring’s return, which could worsen any previous damage. If any chips are found, make sure to repair them before they turn into larger cracks.

  3. Time for some new wipers
    We recommend changing your windshield wipers every 6 months because, after a harsh winter, the blades are most likely worn out and not effective. Check out which models are adapted for your car and the season.
  4. Water repellent and weatherproofing your car
    Prepare against harsher conditions with our Aquapel® treatment. Not only does it repel rain and dirt from your windshield, but the application of this simple treatment improves visibility while driving, day and night.
  5. General mechanic inspection and tire change
    While getting your tires changed for the season, take time to get a routine mechanical inspection. Make sure you get back on the road safely.

The inside

  1. Thorough cleaning, again
    Every car needs a good vacuuming after the winter season with all the rocks and residues entering your car. To properly eliminate germs and bacteria while cleaning, scrub the surfaces of your car with gentle, non-abrasive soap.
  2. Wash the inside of your windows

    Avoid ammonia-based cleaners! To lower the chances of staining any surface, use a water and vinegar mixture to clean the interior of your windows. Then, with a rag or a paper towel, make your glass shine by simply wiping the remaining.

  3. Freshen up your car floor mats
    Just like the rest of your car, your mats have gathered their fair share of residues. Air out the mats from your vehicle, remove any moisture and clean the underneath carpet. A hot water and vinegar combination are perfect to scrub all the calcium, dirt and debris left on the mats. Consider installing custom waterproof floor mats to minimize water and calcium damage.
  4. Change cabin air filters
    Fresh air comes with the Spring season. Make sure to change your cabin air filter to benefit from fresh air inside your car as well. It is important to change a cabin air filter because it serves as a protective barrier against outside pollutants and improves air quality when using the air conditioner. It also filters bad odours and ambient dust.
  5. Don’t miss a spot, even the trunk!

    Cleaning up the trunk also means checking up on your essentials. It is the time to verify your spare tire’s condition and to be assured you are only carrying the necessities.
    - Safety kit
    - Window washer
    - Motor oil
    - Emergency kit (hand sanitizer, masks, tissues, sunglasses, cap, water bottle, snacks, blanket, extra jacket, umbrella, etc.)

Hard work pays off! You will be excited to drive again with a fresh-looking and smelling car!

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