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Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, our products and workmanship come with a warranty for the entire period during which the vehicle is leased or registered under your name.

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The Protect PlusTM Warranty: what is it?

When you file a claim to your insurer, the Protect PlusTM extended warranty covers all windshield replacements. Specifically, for a period of three (3) or five (5) years, windshield repairs are made at no extra cost depending on the conditions of your insurance policy. To enjoy the Protect PlusTM extended warranty for free, you need to file a claim for the replacement of your windshield through your insurer.

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How can I be sure that a chip will not grow bigger while it is being repaired?

There is no way to be 100% sure, actually. Although the technician is not at fault, it sometimes happens that a chip grows bigger when a windshield is being repaired. However, a chip is guaranteed not to expand when the work is successfully carried out. On top of that, the repair work we perform is guaranteed to pass any provincial vehicle inspection. Otherwise, we will deduct the cost of the repair from the cost of a replacement. On the off-chance that a chip expands in the course of its repair, we will issue a credit for the cost of a windshield replacement. If you are filing a claim directly through your insurance company, we will send the credit to the insurance company. To learn more, please refer to the Guarantees section of our website or our Legal notices.

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